Journal history

Jurnal Mangifera Edu has been published since July 2016 in print and is not yet online. It was only in 2017 (volume 2 number 1) that the Jurnal Mangifera Edu was managed online using OJS on the page However, the web page has crashed, so it cannot be accessed. In April 2019 (volume 3 number 2) the Edu Mangifera Journal moved web pages at until now. Therefore, articles that have been published are re-uploaded through the process of quick submit. 

Jurnal Mangifera Edu experiences changes to improve quality. Just as the template has changed in the title settings section which at the beginning of the publication there are no title restriction rules, but starting at volume 3 the title is a maximum of 15 words. Then in abstract writing also experienced changes that at the beginning of the publication there were only abstracts in Indonesian or English with a maximum of 250 words, but starting at volume 4 abstracts were written in Indonesian and English in a maximum of 200 words. Then in the research methodology section, initially, it was not required that there was a research methodology because only in volume 3, the template was improved, and there was a research methodology required. Besides, in the bibliography section, the references have initially been from anywhere, but along with their development, the last ten years are needed, and the writing uses APA style. In volume 4, there was also a slight change in the header. The initial template can be seen here, templates starting at volume 3 can be seen here, and templates starting at volume 4 are viewed here. Since volume 5 issue 1 there is a slight change in the template which can be seen here.

Changes to the composition of the editorial team and the addition of reviewers have been made to improve our quality, content, and services. So that they can provide the best for the author and that it can provide the best for the author and readers. 

Beginning with volume 4 Number 2 (January 2020 Edition) The Mangifera Edu journal accepts articles in the English language and Indonesian language. The item will be published to 7 articles.